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'Generating 64% of all waste in the UK, the real estate sector is resource hungry, consuming more natural resources than any other.'

- 2018 JLL report

'The case for eliminating waste in building construction is well documented.  But did you know about the waste from office buildings?  £15bn worth each year in the UK alone.  This should be an open goal for the real estate industry, so why are we not doing more?'

- Guy Grainger, Global Head of Sustainability & ESG Services, JLL, Feb 2020

While there is a myriad of different ways the property industry can reduce its carbon footprint and work towards a circular economy, the way property is prepared for sale, lease or rental is certainly a contributor to its carbon output.


With virtual staging technology readily available there are the tools available to allow prospective investors, buyers or renters to have a fully immersive experience and tour the space on offer which can be then be paired with planet friendly furniture packages that are able to be delivered and installed with a short lead-time.


This creates a real opportunity for property marketing to be carried out in an entirely different, modern, way which hugely reduces waste production but does not reduce the ability to sell or let a space or delay how long it takes to start occupying the property. 

Knowing that furniture from virgin resources contributes approximately 30% of the carbon footprint of a commercial building over its entire life (Source) at RE FRSH we have developed a range of remanufactured furniture packages to offer alongside our CGI's ensuring companies can have beautiful furniture that saves money and the planet.


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